Wellness at HHS

Vision: A healthy, engaged workforce that takes pride in their own health and well-being and act as positive role models for the people and communities we serve.

Mission:  To promote a healthy workplace culture that will help employees achieve optimal well-being, enhance their quality of life and better serve patients.


  • Increase awareness and education about healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Build personal health skills to prevent health issues and reduce health risks (e.g. coping skills, improved resiliency, healthy behaviours).
  • Develop health policies and practices to create a healthy workplace culture.
  • Advance environmental changes that support healthy choices.
  • Maximize participation and involvement in wellness activities and programs across the organization.
  • Generate a workforce of positive role models for patients and the community.
  • Encourage and motivate healthy behaviour change by providing opportunities and resources.
  • Increase employee engagement, morale and job satisfaction.


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