"Build Wealth at Any Age" with Peter Galopoulos


"Bouncing Back: How to Stay Resilient During Life's Challenges" with Wendy Murdock (EAP)
Watch the VIDEO!

JULY 2017: 
"5 Facts About the Pelvic Floor That Will Change Your Life" with Kristen Parise
Video NOW AVAILABLE! Workshop Resources: Handout; Bladder Diary

JUNE 2017:
"Learn to Lift" with Morgan Brandle (Fitness Professional)
Watch the session VIDEO!

MAY 2017:
"Get to the Root of Your Pain
- Sharmila Kulkarni & Marcelle Constable, Osteopathic Manual Practitioners
Please view, share and post the flyer.  

APRIL 2017
"Dawn's Inspiring Survival Story"
with Dawn Scales (RN at HHS)
Video now available!

MARCH 2017
"Take the Fight Out of Food" with Jessica Galopoulos
Click here to view the slides and speaking notes. 

"When Your Feet Hurt All Over" with Jim Marando
Video is ready for viewing! Be good to your feet and try these feet strengthening exercises!

"Make Your 2017 Fitness Resolutions Stick" with Vince Guagliano
Watch the video!

"Grateful, Positive & Present" 
with Wendy Murdock, EAP 
Check out the now available!

"Declutter Your Life" with Elaine Jermy (Organized Solutions)
In case you missed this great lesson, please view the slides from the presentation and get to work on that clutter! No more excuses not to get started! ;) Here's the Organizing Style quiz if you'd like to see how you score!

"Building Healthy Relationships" with Wendy Murdock, EAP
If you would like to learn how to repair, create, and/or maintain healthy relationships at work or at home, you please check out the videoCheck out the flyer for all the details. 

"Shift Work Nutrition 101" with Dr. Justin Gallant, ND
Naturopathic Doctor Justin Gallant covered several topics regarding shift-work including meal-timing, proper nutrition, sleep strategies and how to get your family to support your shift-work schedule. Get the handout here and watch the video!

JULY 2016 
"Finding Time for Fitness" with Vince Guagliano 
Make the most of your time at the gym or during your home workouts. Watch the video and get started training smarter, not harder! 

JUNE 2016
"Maximize Your Money" with Leslie Lawson 
If you missed this practical talk, then be sure to catch the video and review the presentation slides. Make the most of your hard-earned money!

APRIL 2016
"Happy, Healthy Legs" with Rosemary Cordasco (SIGVARIS)
Rosemary joined us to present “Healthy, Happy Legs” and taught participants how Compression Therapy provides solutions for tired legs, swollen feet and ankles and varicose veins. If you sit or stand for long periods daily, you owe it to yourself to learn more about compression therapy. Your legs will thank you!

EXCLUSIVE to JHCC & Relay for Life: Thursday, April 28th @ 12:30PM (JH Aud)
Tips to Beat Stress & Burnout with Dr. Justin Gallant, ND
Naturopathic Doctor, Justin Gallant, discussed how to cope with stress and avoid burnout in the workplace. He taught participants some simple, yet effective relaxation techniques which can be done at work or at home. He talked about how to improve sleep to alleviate stress, outlets of frustration and how to change your perception of stressors. Check out the VIDEO!

MARCH 2016
"Good Nutrition for Busy People" with Jean LaFleur
If you missed this opportunity to
discover practical, yet cutting-edge strategies to practice good nutrition, then catch up on what you missed by reviewing the comprehensive handout. This lunch & learn was created with busy people like you in mind.

"Weight Loss Myths Debunked" with John Savidis

If you missed this incredible opportunity to learn from fitness expert, John Savidis, you will want to check out the video (coming soon). In his talk, he shared his personal weight loss story, as well as what he believes it takes to shed unwanted pounds successfully. John covered everything from, “nutrition in a nutshell” to the importance of exercise. Check out the VIDEO!

"Meal Timing for Optimal Health" with Dr. Justin Gallant, ND

Dr. Justin Gallant ND discussed how meal-timing and what you eat affects several different aspects of health, including: Energy levels; weight; immune system; sleep; and mood. Get the handout and WATCH THE VIDEO. Enjoy! Click here to review the flyer.

"Relax the Body, Calm the Mind" with Wendy Murdock

Wendy Murdock, our HHS EAP Representative, came to HHS again to lead another great talk. Participants who attended explored new ways of coping with life’s ups and downs. Specifically, they learned to: Identify the interconnection of the mind, body, and stress; Discover the value of relaxation techniques; Activate their body’s own relaxation response; and practiced three stress management techniques: breathe awareness, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization. If you missed it, here are the slides. Video NOW AVAILABLE! 

"The Juggling Act: Balancing Work and Personal Life" with Wendy Murdock

Sometimes it feels as though life is one big juggling act. In this talk, participants learned to: Assess strengths in work/life balance and pinpoint areas that could benefit from improvement; apply 10 key tools to enhance work/life balance and feel more control over life; and create one goal for work/family balance. Click here for the presentation slides. Video is NOW AVAILABLE!

JUNE 2015
"Be Present" with Heather Greaves

In June, Heather Greaves led us through Mindfulness practice and gave participants three techniques to apply to their everyday habits.

MAY 2015
"10 Ways to Overcome Overload" with Wendy Murdock

Do you have stress in your life that seems unmanageable? One of the major causes of stress is overload. Wendy Murdock provided an informative talk that explored various ways to take control of the issues that generate negative stress. More importantly, participants learned ways to manage and/or eliminate negative stress from daily life. Click here for the workshop slides.

APRIL 2015
"Dementia" with Anne Swift

Anne Swift, First Link Coordinator for the Alzheimer Society, led some great talks where she discussed dementia and the many supports and resources available to individuals with dementia and their family members and caregivers. If you were unable to attend this informative workshop, find out what you missed by viewing the presentation handout. Learn more about First Link or refer a person to the comprehensive services offered using this Referral Form.

MARCH 2015
“Sleep” with Jean LaFleur

If you missed this incredible workshop, the handout is now available and includes the comprehensive information offered during session. Please print, share the handout and apply the tips for a good night's sleep tonight! Enjoy!

"Fitness From the Ground Up" with Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith, owner of Catalyst Specialized Personal Training, led some great sessions where he and participants explored exercises and techniques that help reduce tension, increase mobility, and minimize risk of injury. If you missed out on this interactive workshop, please check out the handout provided by Bryan which lists the key movements and exercises discussed in the workshop. You can also view the flyer for your reference.

"Weight Loss" with Dr. Carly King

Dr. Carly King delivered yet another great presentation, discussing the most effective strategies for healthy weight loss and maintenance. Those who attended learned about some of the nutritional and lifestyle interventions that can be incorporated into their routine to help them look and feel your best in 2015. If you missed out or want to review the incredible content, please click here for the slides.

"Headaches: Prevention & Treatment" with Dr. Amanda Mei

Headaches are a common condition that effect most people at some point in their lives. In this presentation, Dr. Amanda discussed the many reasons why headaches occur and ways to relieve them without the use of medications. Click here for the presentation slides.

Transforming Compassion Fatigue: Creative Tools for Developing Resiliency" with Diana Tikasz

Staff joined together to learn about compassion fatigue and related concepts. The talk featured inspirational and practical tips to make meaningful and realistic changes to both personal and work life. You can view the presentation slides here to see what you missed. Please check out the following website, for helpful information surrounding this important topic.

"Work With Us! Managing Depression & Arthritis at Work" with Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee, from Mood Disorders Canada, provided an interactive talk exploring the impacts of depression and arthritis on health and wellness. She shared about the free programs and resources offered by Mood Disorders and Arthritis Society, and gave practical tips on how we can all make a difference by supporting mental and physical health at work. Click here to access the webinar version of the presentation (click on the Hamilton Health Sciences logo and enter password: partner2014).

Here are some additional "Work With Us" online Resources: Finding Help (features 11 programs and resources to support depression and arthritis); Videos, Guides & Posters; the Arthritis Society’s Top 10 Exercises for daily joint mobility; the Workplace Toolkit, featuring: The Arthritis Society’s Overcome Fatigue: A 7 Step Program (online), Chronic Pain Management Workshop (in-person); Arthritis Self-Management Program (in-person).

JULY 2014
"Fix Your Posture - Fix Your Pain!" with Jean LaFleur

Jean LaFleur, Certified Athletic Therapist and Manual Therapist, returned to HHS this summer with another inspiring talk! Jean explored some common postural dysfunctions caused by unhealthy lifestyle and work habits, with a focus on the more common joints and tissues affected. Check out the handout which includes an overview of some of the corrective techniques to help you resolve your chronic pains. Check out the video!

JUNE 2014:
"Healthy Hormones" with Dr. Carly King

Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Carly King, returned to HHS to talk about hormones and health. Learn all about hormone imbalances and how they impact health. Click here to get the slides and find out what you missed (or review the content you heard at the talk!). Complete the Hormone Questionnaire to see where you may need to focus to establish better hormone balance in your body.

MAY 2014:
"Pain-Free Aging" with Bryan Smith

The slides from this informative workshop are now available...check them out here. For even more practical application, please go to the Catalyst Specialized Personal Training You Tube Channel to watch and try some of the exercises and mobility drills that were demonstrated in the workshop. This workshop was also video recorded, so if you want to see the presentation for yourself, check out the video here.

APRIL 2014:
"Understanding Mental Health & Mental Illness" with Jill Dennison

If you missed the session at your work site, you can still get the slides here and find out what you missed!

MARCH 2014:
"Mindfulness" with Anna Taneburgo

Couldn't attend this informative and interactive workshop, or want to review what you learned? Then check out the presentation slides here. If you would like to find out even more about mindfulness and how you can get involved at work, please head to the Be Mindful page on our site.

"Heart Healthy Living" with Dr. Carly King

From sample nutrition plan to heart healthy food lists, don't miss out on the great content provided at this workshop. Click here for the presentation slides!

"What is Good Nutrition?" with Jean LaFleur

If so, don't miss out on the great content provided. Click here for the informative handout!

"Rise & Shine" Sleep Seminar & Challenge

If you missed the workshop, find out what you missed by accessing the presentation slides here. There is also a handy Sleep Tip Sheet that offers some helpful ideas to help improve your sleep. Even if you didn't get in on the challenge, you can try filling out your own Sleep Diary to track your habits and help you get the rest you need to stay well.

Thanks to all those who submitted a sleep diary. We hope the activity was beneficial and that your sleep quality and quantity is improving. I know many of you are curious as to who the winners are, and the wait is now over. Drum roll please...

Congratulations to Jody Farrand (St. Peter's) and Stephanie Brien (Chedoke). They are the proud new owners of a "Sleep-friendly" gift basket. Check out the photos in the Shine Photo Gallery.

Sitting Solutions Seminar...the handout and video links!

If you attended the "Sitting Solutions" wellness seminar at your work site, the long awaited handout is now here! Please feel free to print, refer back to, put into practice often, and/or share with coworkers who were unable to attend. You can also check out Catalyst's YouTube channel for the video demonstrations of each exercise/stretch.

FREE Drop-In Fitness Coaching Hours at the Shine Wellness Centres!
New to weight training? Looking for ideas to mix up your routine? Hit a plateau and can't seem to break through? 
If so, we have some GREAT news! We will be offering FREE Fitness Coaching hours every week at all the Shine Wellness Centres across HHS! Every Wednesday from 4-6PM, trained and enthusiastic students from the Health, Wellness and Fitness program at Mohawk College will be at the Shine Wellness Centres. They will work with you to set goals and create a fitness program that will help you get results safely and effectively. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! Get the most out of your workouts by meeting with a personal trainer! Please view and share the flyer!
Looking to join a gym? Check out our HHS Health & Fitness Directory for corporate discounts. 

Current Session:

JANUARY 2018: "Building Momentum: the Healthiest City in Canada" with Brian Humphrey
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Upcoming Series: 

FEBRUARY 2018: "SEX+CHOCOLATE...and your pelvic floor" with Kristen Parise
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MARCH 2018: "The Power of Sleep" with Diana Alampi
Please view, share and post the flyer

Did You Miss One? 

Videos from the sessions are now available for your viewing pleasure! 

Get caught up on what you missed, or refresh yourself on the information by watching the videos of the sessions. Enjoy!