Want to add some variety to your meals and snacks, or put a healthy twist on dishes you already love?
Check out the recipes below for exciting, nutritious ideas.

If you have a recipe you'd like to share, please feel free to email in your favourite recipes to Melissa (cummingsme@hhsc.ca).


                   Fall Cooking                  
Fall Cooking
Fall harvest is upon us. Visit your local farmers' market to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables.


Winter Cooking

Cozy up with some healthy, hearty meals to keep you warm during the winter.
Make your home smell comforting with baking and holiday spice in the air.
Holiday Recipe Collection
Ready to try something new and healthier this year? Check out our holiday recipe roundup and give them a try. These recipes are a compilation from the Health, Safety & Wellness staff at HHS. Enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas season!

                APPETIZERS:                                                              VEGETABLES
     Mini Ham & Cheese Quinoa Cups                                            Festive Bean Salad
                   Kale Chips                                                   Coconut Cardamom Sweet Potatoes 
            Marinated Goat Cheese

                MAIN COURSE:                                                                  DRINKS:

                 Vegan Stuffing                                                              Healthy Eggnog
   Cranberry Sauce with Apples & Ginger                             Apple Cranberry Sangria Mocktail                                                       
Pomegranate-Glazed Stuffed Roast Turkey
            Walnut Stuffed Salmon
               Healthy Roast Beef

     Healthy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
    Almond-Orange-Cardamom Cookies
                Festive Meringues
                    Apple Crisp

Springtime Cooking

Come out of hibernation and enjoy nature's spring garden.
Local produce will slowly begin to appear in grocery stores. Brighten up your dishes and enlighten your mood!

Summer Cooking

Time to brighten up your dishes with warm colored fruits and vegetables.
Take advantage of all the fresh, locally grown berries available during the summer months.