RESILIENCE: If you build it, you will shine!

Life is full of unexpected ups and downs, twists and turns. Sometimes you experience a minor bump in the road, other times you’re thrown a life-changing challenge. While it may be tempting to give up after a setback, a resilient mindset can help you bounce back from tough situations and achieve success.

In our fast-paced society where the only constant is change, it’s crucial to develop resilience to be able to cope with whatever trials come your way. Working in health care, this is especially important because of the unique mental, physical and emotional challenges you experience. Being resilient can help you combat stress, reduce feelings of depression and help you live a happier, more purpose-filled life. These resources will help you learn more about resilience and begin building your own. 

Ways to Increase Your Resilience

Check out these tips on how you can lead a more resilient life!

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How to Shine at Work!

There are many opportunities to build your resilience at work. Here's just a glimpse of what's available now and what's coming soon: 

Physical Wellness: 

Mental Wellness: 

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP):  Visit (ID: HHSC; Password: MSSI) or call 1-888-521-8300 for free, professional, confidential 24/7 support for all of life's questions.
  • Be Mindful: Try one (or more!) audio mindfulness practices. 
  • Centre for People Development: Enhance your learning and challenge your mind by registering for a workshop or course!
  • FREE Massages at Work: Relax and get pampered for a few minutes of your workday!
Financial Wellness: 
  • Financial Fitness is returning to HHS in Sept 2018! Stop stressing and start winning with money! Register for this life-changing class today!

Social Wellness: 

How to Build Fitness Stamina (& Resilience)

Exercise your body and your brain!


How to build fitness stamina from Hamilton Health Sciences on Vimeo.

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30-Day Calendar Resilience Challenge

Do one thing a day to become more resilient!

Click here for printable calendar. 

Making room for resilience

We’re in the business of providing care to others, but we can sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. If we don’t set aside time to focus on our own well-being, it can negatively affect our personal and professional lives.

By making time for self-care on a daily basis, we can build up a reserve of emotional and physical strength to help us through particularly challenging periods, like the loss of a long-time patient, or an overwhelmingly busy week or month. That’s the basis of resilience: creating a reserve of emotional strength and energy that we can lean on when things get tough.

It may seem impossible to fit time for self-care into your already busy day, but it can be done. Meet some Hamilton Health Sciences staff who are making an effort to focus on resilience and learn how they support themselves at work, and at home.

YVONNE HART, Registered Nurse

CHRISSY CRANE, Child & Youth Worker