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If you’re a smoker, chances are you want to quit. Although you have the best intentions, research indicates that most smokers make multiple quit attempts before successfully becoming a non-smoker. It is also well documented that the deal breaker is support—it can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful quit attempt. The good news is that there is help available. Check out the following programs and resources to help you in your journey of becoming and staying smoke-free:

Want to Quit Smoking in 2019? 

FREE STOP on the Road Clinics are coming to Ontario throughout 2019

Click here to find out when each 2018 session takes place in an Ontario city near you and call the confidential Tobacco Hotline at 905-540-5566 ext. 1 (for Hamilton residents) to get your spot! If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will receive 5 weeks of FREE nicotine replacement therapy...that's a $250 value! Don't delay--call the Tobacco Hotline and break free from smoking FOR GOOD! 

Upcoming Shine Wellness Quit Clinics

• Tuesday April 9 (AM): Juravinski Hospital (EHS Office) 9:00-11:00am
• Wednesday April 10 (AM): Hamilton General Hospital (EHS Office) 9:00-11:00am
• Thursday April 11 (AM):  St. Peters Hospital (EHS Office) 8:00-10:00am

Are You Ready to Quit For Good? 
Announcing a New Green Shield Canada Program for Benefits-eligible Employees

GSC is launching a new and improved Smoking Cessation Program, effective February 1, 2016. The Program offers pharmacist-delivered counselling, along with smoking cessation drug therapy, to help you AND your dependents quit smoking.

Click HERE for more information.

The LifeWorks Stop Smoking Centre (EAP):

Access these resources and start your smoke-free journey: 
Employee Assistance Program  

Username: HHSC
Password: MSSI
To find the Stop Smoking Centre – search “Stop Smoking”. 

Other Helpful Websites: 

Smokers’ Helpline
 For helpful resources and FREE support, you can contact the Smokers’ Helpline at 1-877-513-5333 or visit their website. Smokers' Helpline has proven, free and personalized tools to help you quit successfully. 

Quit Smoking Community: This purpose of this site is to help people quit smoking through a combination of quality information and strong community support.

Hamilton Quits Smoking: A network of local Hamilton service providers who connect tobacco users to quit smoking services

Walk or Run to Quit: is a quit smoking program proven to help smokers quit and get more active. over the course of 10-weeks, training program participants get coach-led, step by step instructions to learn how to build their stamina to walk or run 5k while also cutting down on quitting smoking. Walking and running makes quitting smoking easier by taking the edge of cravings and giving you a positive outlet for stress.

First Week Challenge

Quit for one week for a chance to win $500!

Want to take the Challenge? Click here for more information, and click on the image below to get registered!

Smokers' Helpline...they're ready when you are! (and even when you're not)

What is the Single Best Thing You Can Do to Quit Smoking?
Quitting smoking is a journey.Check out what Dr. Michael Evans has to say.