It's never been easier to get active at work!

Yoga? Boot Camp? Circuit? Spin? Why choose!? If you’re unsure which class is right for you, the Shine Fitness Class Pass will give you the opportunity to choose any or all of the scheduled group fitness classes. The pass is also perfect for those with a busy or unpredictable schedule since you can attend classes whenever it is most convenient for you. Check out the schedules and start planning your workouts! 

If you would like to participate in the fitness classes offered at the centres, you will be required to either register for the entire session or purchase a Shine Fitness Pass. 

5 Class Pass: Cost: $30.00. This pass gives you the flexibility to choose any 5 classes at any of our Shine Employee Wellness Centre sites (JHCC, HGH, MUMC). Register here

10 Class Pass: Cost: $60.00. This pass gives you the flexibility to choose any 5 classes at any of our Shine Employee Wellness Centre sites (JHCC, HGH, MUMC). Register here

Each time you participate in a class, the instructor will initial your pass (until you have run out of classes on your pass). You may purchase an unlimited amount of passes to suit your level of attendance. Each pass will expire 4 months from the date of purchase. 

You can pay either 1) online with credit card, or 2) by cash, debit, or credit in-person at the Cashier Site at your workplace. 

If you choose to pay online, you will be redirected to the secure payment page once you click submit on the registration form. Have your credit card handy and enter SHINE5PASS (for 5 Class Pass) or SHINE10PASS (for 10 Class Pass) as the account number.  The payment page is completely is the same online payment form used by HHS patients to pay a bill from the main HHS website. 

If paying by other method in person, please print out your confirmation email and bring to the Info Desk (JHCC, MUMC, HGH) or Cashier (SPH, WLMH) to complete your payment. You will still be redirected to the online payment page when you submit your form, so just exit the screen. 

Once payment has been made, please go to Employee Health Services (EHS) at your work site to pick up your pass (request your pass at the front desk). Be sure to bring your receipt from the Info Desk clerk/Cashier or the one you received from paying online.

Shine 5- and 10-Class Pass Policies:

  1. Only Hamilton Health Sciences staff, physicians and volunteers and McMaster staff are eligible to register for fitness and wellness classes.
  2. Passes are valid for 4 months from the date of purchase.
  3. Waiver Form and PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) MUST be completed and signed before participating. 
  4. All participants must present their Staff ID badge as well as their Pass card when entering each class session.
  5. Entry will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Each class is subject to a max enrollment, which varies depending on class format, to provide the safest environment possible. Once the max number have entered the class, the class will then be closed.
  6. Lost or damaged pass cards can be replaced by contacting Melissa at
  7. Pass holders may enter an open class until 5 minutes after start time. After 5 minutes or the end of the warm-up period, the class is closed to prevent injuries.
  8. Pass holders must get their pass initialed by the fitness instructor for every class attended.
  9. Shine reserves the right to adjust the schedule when necessary.
  10. Fitness class passes are non-transferable.
  11. No refunds are given for fitness class passes. 
  12. Proper attire and footwear must be worn to attend fitness classes.

Get Fit at Work!

Shine 5-Class Fit Pass Registration (SHINE5PASS)

Please fill out the form to get your Shine 5-Class Fit Pass for fitness classes at the Shine Employee Wellness Centres (MUMC, HGH, & JHCC).

Convenient and choose the classes you'd like to attend. Pass will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. Register now!
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  • The cost for the Shine 5-class Fit Pass is $30.00. You will be redirected to the payment page once you click submit. Have your credit card handy and enter SHINE5PASS as the account number. If you are paying by cash or debit, please make sure to print out your email confirmation and pay at the Cashiers Site at your workplace. Please pick up your pass at the Employee Health Office at your work site.
  • Important Note:
    Because space is limited, please make sure you are on time to the class to secure your spot. Classes will be run on a first-come, first-served basis.